How To Choose The Perfect Hairstyle

Having the perfect hairstyle for your face shape, can bring out your best features and have you feeling sexy, confident and empowered.

Just as designers select clothing to best suit your body type; our best hairdressing stylist team , select haircuts to best suit your face shape. When it comes to picking your new hairstyle, face shape is one of the most important factors to consider.

There are six different face shapes, as each shape varies, finding the perfect hair to frame and enhance your most loved features is the key.

In the article below, find out what your face shape is and how you can find the perfect style to make you feel fabulous.


Rectangle face shapes include a strong jawline and angular features. To compliment your strong and regal bone structure, we recommended a soft, layered cut to enhance your cheekbones and soften the corners of your face. If you prefer long hair, try to add gentle waves of curls to give gentle dimension and horizontal volume. When wearing your hair up, face framing curls or slicked back buns will both draw attention to those beautiful cheekbones and gorgeous jawline.


Oval face shapes suit nearly every hairstyle! From blunt bob-cuts to a side sweeping fringe, your face will be beautifully framed. We recommend avoiding a heavy fringe and one-length cuts that will hide the softness of your features.


To our square girls we recommend wispy side swept fringe or a short subtle fringe that draws in at the cheekbones to emphasise those babies! You’ll rock long hair with long layers or short and shaggy with a middle parting. We want to draw attention to the beautiful structure of your face and add some playful face-shaping.


Long bob cuts and loose waves or stunning pixie cuts are the way to go for our heart-shaped beauties. Shagginess around your face will beautifully frame that sweetheart look and add dimension. As your face is wider at the forehead and narrower at the chin, we recommend avoiding a short fringe that widen the face instead opting for a style that adds width around the jawline instead.


Long side-sweeping fringe and textured long bobs and soft shaping will accentuate your cheekbones and narrow chin. Straight across or rounded bangs will hide your diamond face! Show your face to the world!


Textured pixie cuts with volume though the top will make you fall in love with your stunning rounded features. Sleek cuts and styles will allow your face to be the star of the show!

When choosing a new style cut, our hair stylists will look at the features we need to emphasise, what needs to be softened and what needs an edge! Hair that balances beautifully with your features will make you feel like absolutely incredible!

Self discovery is a constant journey! Our team invites you to take the next step in unleashing the confidence within with a tailored haircut.

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